Grow your Business through Finance Automation
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Success Through Simplicity

As an SME owner, you understand and value the importance of keeping your cash flow reliable, both by getting paid by your customers as well as paying your suppliers in a timely manner.

Payboard has the technology that helps you keep the lifeblood of your business steady and smooth. Once the frequent (and manual) financial jobs are digitalized and automated, you get back your time and use it to do what you know best: grow your business.

Embrace Digital Age

Meeting regulatory, compliance and tax reporting requirements, demands your business to be up-to-date with financial records so the Accountant or a Tax professional Consultant could perform their part of the work.

Access to Payboard Network gives you capability to keep track of all your transactions digitally and share them with your Accountant for a headache-free collaboration.

Is a shoe-box filled with paper receipts, invoices and bank statements still fresh in your memory? Payboard makes sure that's part of the history.

Awareness at your Fingertips

Building and growing a business is a complex set of decisions and activities that nowadays has a massive reliance on data, more than ever before. Being able to visualize finances of the business is of paramount importance that influences right decisions.

With Payboard, you have a direct insight into the financial picture of your business, awareness of the regulatory deadlines approaching and communication with your Accountant - all that directly from your Payboard dashboard or a mobile while on the go.

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With Payboard, you get the best out of the investments you make in the digital transformation of your business.

Don't let your organization fall behind and ensure future business success with Payboard. Contact us today and discover how quickly your business can be enjoying the benefits of automation.