Modernize Purchases process, Digitalize Financial Documents and Streamline Payments
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Efficient Payables with Automation

Being one of the most critical departments of a company with a massive impact on the cash flow, Accounts Payable team's work involves paper-intensive tasks such as invoice processing, analysis, approvals, Purchase order matching and payments. Working with paper-based - or even electronic but unstructured - documents often causes inefficiencies with data gathering and processing leading to incorrect posting, delayed payments and interruption of a supply chain.

Payboard offers powerful automation with the use of applied artificial intelligence to streamline financial document processing requirements while simplifying transaction transformation and posting.

Purchases Under Your Control

Cybersecurity presents a serious challenge, especially during the age of remote work and distributed financial teams. One of the most critical components of your business - finance - is exposed and vulnerable, not just from the outside factors but from within the organization as well.

With tight controls, multiple approval levels, on-boarded suppliers and strict payment processing flow, Payboard gives an extra layer of control and protection, and makes sure your payments are remitted to the right supplier instead of a fraudulent third party.

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With Payboard, you get the best out of the investments you make in the digital transformation of your business.

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