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Flexible Integration That Makes a Difference

Digital transformation journey does not end with the automation, intelligent data extraction and analysis. Fully digital experience includes a complete cycle where the data lives in a digital form throughout the process. Payboard provides that last piece of function through a bridge that connects your financial data with the variety of ERP systems. Depending on the architecture of each system, a bridge can have one-way or two-way functionality. Whichever happens to be, the end goal remains the same: information in digital form remains digital.

Having critical data in non-digital form, whether that's a paper, email, or even an unstructured PDF - has always been an obstacle to a smooth functioning of an organization's departments, and especially finance. The process is very common and can easily be split in two distinct types of tasks:

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1. Data Organization

Received documentation is sorted, classified and organized into meaningful sections that are stored in physical box files, or electronically in a cloud or on-premise organization-wide storage facility.

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2. Data Entry

Data is then manually transformed from analog to digital form by the bookkeeper, by physically keying-in the data into a bookkeeping software system, using the previously organized documentation. In some instances, the (originally) electronically stored data is even printed on paper to make the data entry process easier for the operator.

Payboard Sync Service

When observed from the efficiency standpoint, it becomes increasingly obvious that such a process directly depends on the physical limitations of an operator to perform the work effectively as well as time required for the job. In addition, due to a human factor involved, there is a higher chance of errors introduced in the second part of the process, during data entry.

A component of the Payboard platform called Payboard Sync service tackles that second part of the process by transforming the data which has been already organized and extracted into a series of instructions that your ERP understands. Part of the process where an operator needs to enter data into an ERP is fully handled by the Payboard Sync, which can work with both, cloud and on-premise ERP systems.

Supported ERP systems

In order to maximize the benefit of automation and get the best out of your investment in the digital transformation of your business, the systems which are in place need to support programmable interfaces and that includes most of the prominent ERP systems today. Plug-in based architecture of the Payboard Sync service allows for easy integration with your target accounting system or ERP.

Payboard Sync service currently features pre-built plug-ins for:

  • QuickBooks
  • SAP BusinessOne, and
  • e-Soft

If you are using any other system in your organization, feel free to let us know - our team of specialists can provide additional integration plugins for a variety of cloud-based or on-premise solutions.

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