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Modern Accounting Practice

Today's accounting practice continuously modernizes and modifies its business processes in order to stay competitive, increase client satisfaction and fulfill their expectations. But not only: the accounting companies must apply technologies that will help them reduce cybersecurity risks. In order to move in this direction, accounting firms of all sizes are more inclined to use technology instead of adding man-hours. The manual and repetitive tasks have been the main focus of applying automation and AI, as a leverage that increases productivity and operational efficiency.

Payboard platform provides technology with which the needs of a modern accounting practice can be achieved and utilized to pave the way for an almost fully digital experience.

Next-Gen Connectivity Highway

Payboard facilitates different types of transaction automation. Although it works closely with your ERP or an Accounting software, Payboard is much more than a general transaction management tool. It can also extract data from printed or electronic documents, paper receipts, bank statement reports, and update accounting records in a secure, effortless and an error-free way.

Payboard gives your ERP a super power, an add-on that opens new ways of work; it brings you closer to your clients through a secure and intuitive environment, and gives you access to a network of suppliers and buyers.

Seamless Bookkeeping

Your client portfolio might include service (credit) or retail (cash) industry representatives.

Payboard helps you collect financial transactions, convert them into a digital form, transform and validate them, and finally synchronize with the ERP instance of your client.

This makes the bookkeeping job much more of a pleasant experience.

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With Payboard, you get the best out of the investments you make in the digital transformation of your business.

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