Optimize your Receivables, Give your Collections Team a Boost
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Automated Reminders and Statements

The objective of your business is to provide quality products and services, while the objective of your Accounts Receivable team is to make sure collections for the outstanding invoices - is under control.

Payboard makes paying your invoices easier, faster and more secure. Combination of automated reminders and acceptance of major credit cards gives your staff additional peace of mind, while you stay in control of your collections process.

Seamless Collections

Get comfortable with the fact that nothing will go unnoticed. Your customers get regular, personalized reminders with no effort from your side.

Payboard knows precisely when they need to be sent. And then tells you when they are opened/viewed. Set thresholds with credit limits and Payboard will automatically select who needs to receive a reminder, with or without the statement.

Transparent ERP Sync

Integration with your ERP helps automate daily tasks and reduces the time you spend doing things manually. Say goodbye to mistakes from manual and lengthy, number-punching sessions.

Payboard will also pull the latest payment info from the bank statement and find its place in the ledger. With that in hand, reconciliation is no longer a hassle - but a breeze.

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With Payboard, you get the best out of the investments you make in the digital transformation of your business.

Don't let your organization fall behind and ensure future business success with Payboard. Contact us today and discover how quickly your business can be enjoying the benefits of automation.