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First-class Automation Hub

Payboard Network is a cloud-based platform that automates and digitizes financial processes by utilizing artificial intelligence, facilitating payments and connecting SME owners with accountants, suppliers, buyers and consultants in a network where the financial data is securely exchanged in real time.


Automation & AI

Moving to digital makes it convenient for your business to automate its financial functions. Once in place, automation through Payboard helps you make more informed buying and selling decisions, improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. With the help of applied AI, automation of manual work can be drastically reduced.


Power of the Network

Capitalize on the power of connecting with your buyers and suppliers, or clients and accountants. Being part of the Payboard Network gives you an edge, takes your business a step closer to the digital world of finance, with established trust and shielded from external fraud.


Data Exchange & Sync

Financial data shared with your business partners, accountants or external consultants lets you free from paper-based or unstructured documents. Payboard gives Superpower to your existing ERP: no need to go through expensive and painful changes just to tap on the digital transformation of your business.

What do you want to Automate first?


Finance of my SME

Free your time and focus on growth with Automation of manual tasks in your business' finance Learn more...


Accounting practice and Bookkeeping

Get the pre-processed transactions with minimal-to-no need for extra work by AI assisted data capture and reconciliation Learn more...


Accounts Receivable

Collect payments earlier with the unattended engine for invoice delivery, presentment, customer self-service Learn more...


Accounts Payable

Secure payables and avoid interruption of the supply chain with the digitalized purchases management Learn more...

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With Payboard, you get the best out of the investments you make in the digital transformation of your business.

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